Performance Measures

Performance Measures


Bolstering Florida’s CHW Workforce: Strategy and Resources

With the support of federal workforce development grants totaling over $14.6M since 2020, CommHIT has been transforming the community health workforce. These transformations focus on expanding the use of technology, increasing digital literacy, teaching cybersecurity best practices, and creating a skilled community health workforce that has knowledge in navigating the technology and social aspects of … Continue reading Bolstering Florida’s CHW Workforce: Strategy and Resources

Light at the End of the Tunnel through Workforce Development

CommunityHealth IT (CommHIT) is proud to be one of the organizations nationwide that actively contributes to improved workforce outcomes for previously incarcerated individuals. The Bureau of Justice Statistics approximates that roughly 60% of previously incarcerated individuals grapple with securing employment. This is due to a lack of education degrees, literacy, and confidence in their ability … Continue reading Light at the End of the Tunnel through Workforce Development


April is Second Chance Month

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Program recognizes each April as Second Chance Month, acknowledging the significance of serving individuals, communities, and organizations across the United States value their role in assisting with the secure and favorable reentry of incarcerated individuals. CommunityHealthIT (CommHIT) is proud to be one of the organizations across the … Continue reading April is Second Chance Month

Addressing COVID-19 Telehealth and TeleMedicine Expansion in Rural Florida

The State of Florida Department of Health Office of Rural Health (FLDOH ORH) commissioned CommHIT to provide practical technical assistance to support and enhance Florida’s rural healthcare delivery system and healthcare workforce—particularly now that COVID has adjusted the healthcare delivery landscape to one that must be even more reliant on telehealth. For the FLDOH ORH, CommHIT … Continue reading Addressing COVID-19 Telehealth and TeleMedicine Expansion in Rural Florida


I got an unexpected job with a doctor’s office. I turned in my resume and showed that I had my medical assistant and phlebotomy certifications, and they called me back the same day.    

Shanandria G

RRCC Participant

The RRCC Program was recommended to me, and I thought the program itself was great. Although the training is detailed and a lot of information to take in,  I enjoyed the training, and would recommend it as well…

Dana S

RRCC Participant

I think the HITCM-PP course is very critical because it brings you current in the details of technology and privacy and provided knowledge on the technology aspect of healthcare and not just compliance.    

Dora F


This program has helped me in so many ways. From the opportunity to expand my career and get trainings that would allow me to serve those in need, I am thankful for what these programs have done for me.

Amber C


Cindy G


The training was a fantastic opportunity. No one ever wants a weak area, and this training helped me fill in gaps that make me feel stronger and more powerful in my knowledge base. It has added to my confidence, my professionalism, and empowers me to go further in my career.

Jessica C


Since taking the HITCM-PP course, the knowledge that I gained showed my current employer that I am qualified enough to be the branch manager of our new office. This credential has allowed the physicians and other staff in my office to value my opinion and take it into consideration, which I am very appreciative of.

Tech Quest Apprenticeship

Tech Quest Apprenticeship (TQA) is a $12M US Department of Labor-funded initiative led by Clark University. The TQA award is divided among more than a dozen higher education institutions and expert workforce development organizations. CommHIT is one of them because CommHIT is known for its workforce development in rural and underserved areas and its capacity to recruit under-represented groups into tech workforce nationwide. CommHIT performs workforce development for tech and health sector throughout all 50 states, in DC, and in U.S. Territories.

For TQA, CommHIT enrolled 574 tech workforce trainees, and 95.3% of those trainees are women. This is particularly important as women currently only represent 26.7% of the tech workforce. With TQA support, CommHIT was able to apply its successful workforce development model to infuse the male-dominated tech field with women.