CHW-T Core Course




The CHW-T Core Course helps you guide clients through today’s digital healthcare delivery system. You will be equipped with the know-how needed to support community members who have limited to no digital skills. This training will help you understand core concepts of adult learning science, effective communication strategies, and how to work with someone new to or uncomfortable with the digital world.

Being able to access the Internet in a safe and responsible manner is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Access to family and friends, telehealth, patient portals online banking and shopping, online job applications, and access to state and federal benefits are all key to quality of life. Being able to use the Internet safely for these activities leads to greater work, health, education, and life opportunities, particularly for those who may have been underserved or can’t access appropriate and needed resources.

Most (but NOT all) of the lesson in the CHW-T Core Course are asynchronous and online. That means that you can take lessons at your own leisure and in any order that you wish. However, one lesson is virtual in-person. A CommHIT representative will schedule you for that portion of the course.