HITCM-PP Training




There are many aspects of medical office management that require basic knowledge and familiarity with technology. Every year the need for small practices to embrace technology grows. Today, it’s a critical part of everything from marketing to patient communications and revenue processing. Practice managers must be fluent in technology and responsible for everything it touches. Effective communication with tech vendors is a game-changer. Know what you really need and how to ensure your contract includes it.

The Health Information Technology Certified Manager for Physician Practice (HITCM-PP) Credential was created to validate and document a practice manager’s knowledge and familiarity with those aspects of technology necessary for today’s solo provider and small group physician practices. This training gets you ready for the HITCM-PP proctored exam so that you can get the HITCM-PP credential.

The HITCM-PP training has four Domains:

Domain 1 – HIT General Systems Environment

Domain 2 – HIT Project and Change Management

Domain 3 – HIT Aspects of Patient Centered Care

Domain 4 – HIT Privacy and Security