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Titan is Saturn’s largest moon. A titan is a powerful and exceptional person. It’s the mascot of the football team that overcame adversity in “Remember the Titans.” And, there’s always “Teen Titans,” a well-loved cartoon that follows close knit friends doing everyday things in the backdrop of being superheroes.

Given those examples, who wouldn’t want to be a titan?

Become a CommHIT Team Titan to receive, for the entire year, 25% off anything you buy in the CommHIT Store and 25% off special event tickets—including CommHIT24 at Kennedy Space Center on Oct 17, 2024! You’ll also receive invites to members-only receptions and CommHIT’s quarterly e-newsletters (the eWell Nexus). Membership is only $25/year, yet it offers incredible savings.

CommHIT Team Titans! Go!