Veteran Initiated Electronic Care Coordination

military veteranThe Veteran Initiated Care Coordination Initiative (VIECC) was spearheaded by a joint national exchange initiative amongst three federal agencies: the VA, the Office of the National Coordinator (which oversees the nation’s health IT efforts) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is White House Rural Council supported. In its simplest form, VIECC allows Veterans to send their VA health data to their civilian providers electronically through MyHealthStory. Currently, there are 65,000+ Veterans using MyHealtheVet just in North Florida-South Georgia. These Veterans can use MyHealthStory for free to share their VA medical information with civilian providers.

Benefits of Veterans using MyHealthStory with MyHealtheVet:

  • Provides a complete picture of Veteran’s condition to his or her civilian providers
  • Medication adjustments and follow up treatments with civilian providers can be arranged the same day (and not delayed because of missing paperwork)
  • Veterans’ VA medical information is available for all civilian providers through MyHealthStory

VIECC findings in a peer-reviewed publication